Motivational Monday Catechism Question #2

October 21, 2019

Motivation Monday!

Join us as Darren and I talk through 52 Catechisms of the Christian faith, and how we can encourage families to be talking about and living out the truths of the WORD of GOD! This is a resource for every household, and a way for us to follow up throughout the week on what has been taught and learned on Sundays during class. Follow along with us using The New City Catechism!

For more encouragement: RaisingRices.com


Make sure to join us on Wisdom Wednesday as we give tips and tricks to LEVEL up your family!

Haven't heard of the word Catechism? Here is a definition:

We Believe this is so important for the foundation of our Christian Faith, and there is NO age requirement or restriction! We believe in Raising Households That Serve The Lord, therefore we need build those households members (ALL members!) up in the foundation faith so we can then move into application and apologetics of our faith.


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